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why another church?
why another church?

That’s a great question. As a matter of fact that was my response when the Lord began dealing with me about this over a year ago. The idea pulled at me for quite some time. While at a church in Cincinnati, the tug to launch became too strong to ignore. I sat down on the back row of the sanctuary and ask God, “Why? The last thing our area needs is another church!” Then it dawned on me. I would never say that about a coffee shop or a restaurant. There are two or three restaurants on every corner, yet I am always saying, “Man I wish someone would open a new place to eat, something different for crying out loud.”

We all love variety, and so does God. Even His word encourages us to, “Sing a new song” Psalm 96:1. That’s what we want to bring, something unique. Notice I didn’t say, “something better.” Our area is blessed with ooldes of wonderful churches. Our goal is to offer exciting environments in which young and old can experience God; while at the same time servering our community in radical ways. In short, we’re here to display, in our own unique way, who we’ve discovered Jesus to be.

When one journalist asked Brian Huston, Pastor of Hillsong Church, "Why another church?"  Pastor Brian responded with the following words:

"With many churches struggleing due to lack of attendance. The real question should be, ‘at a time when churches are closing up, why not another church?'  Wherever there are people, there is a need for a church. The local church is the answer to any local community. She exists to serve and love the city and the people it represents.

We live in a time of much instability and confusion. Every night the evening news highlights how far we have strayed from the original design and purpose that we were created with. The Church plants herself in the midst of it all, and represents something and Someone greater!  She is a bastion of truth, lighthouse of hope and a welcoming home of love.  She comes in many shapes and sizes, and like people, she looks and sounds different, depending on the culture she represents. But one thing remains; she is the Bride and Body of Christ.  We are not pretentious in being something we are not, but we are sold out for one thing; His House ought to be a gathering place for people from all walks of life, united in our pursuit of Jesus.

It is said that in the Middle Ages if someone was in distress, they could run into their local church and claim 'Sanctuary!' This meant they were untouchable. For as long as they stayed within that church, they were safe. May many more run into His House across the globe and find peace in the days to come.

Why another church? Because there are still people who haven’t heard about or been introduced to our wonderful Saviour, Jesus Christ."

It is our deepest passion, our heavy burden, to share the love of Jesus with the unchurched of North Knoxville.  We are committed to being the hands and feet of our Lord to those around us. 

Welcome Home!




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