A Church Called Home

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"Thank you for being so awesome! In my entire life, I have never had a church that I look forward to attending each Sunday. I have prayed for a church for my family to love and here you all are. I love listening to the message, hearing the stories, service is entertaining and I love how our pastor realizes he's only human like the rest of us! Thank you for moving to Knoxville and starting a great church!"
"I am so grateful for A Church Called Home for so many reasons. I WANT to go to church now. A year ago, I was bitter…about church. I often left feeling more lost and more guilty than when I came. THANK YOU! I love our church."

"One thing I love about this church is that I've never thought, "When are they going to stop singing or when is he going to stop preaching?"  Instead I find myself so engaged, so into it, that I don't want it to stop."

"Service was so great today!!! I just wanted to say, 'The more I'm understanding God's Word, the more my life seems to be changing.  The stronger I feel I am getting in my faith the more I realize I am not alone.  Thank you!  I love our church!!!'"

"This church has brought my husband back to liking church again, which has been a huge dream of mine. I'm a blessed person!!"

"Great service today!  Thanks for all you do & thank you for a wonderful church experience! I've never felt more at Home than I do at A Church Called Home!!"

"We attended the services last Sunday for the 1st time and was really impressed by the welcome we received and the outpouring of Love that was given as a first time attendee. We are looking forward to coming back to A Church Called Home where it really feels like we are at home already."

"Just wanted to tell everyone that attending A Church Called Home has been so awesome.  It feels like we're one big family although there are distant cousins that I don't know that well yet. Every time I come to church it feels like a big reunion and it is just wonderful!  Thank you all so much for everything you have done and all you continue to do."

"Today was my first time visiting A Church Called Home.  When I walked through the door I was a little confused.  There was such a party atmosphere in the hospitality area, laughter, food, drinks... so much so that I thought, 'Surly I'm not at church.  Can church be this fun?'"

"Our marriage small group has been the best group I have every been apart of." 

"Lord, service was so good this morning I 'bout cried my eyelashes off!"

"After the service my friend said that she envision heaven being like what she experienced at A Church Called Home. The Lord opening the gate and saying, "Welcome Home."

"I having been enjoying small group and every service I have attended. I look forward to the future with A Church Called Home, and truly feel home. You, and everyone I have meet since I started attending have made me feel blessed and growing in my faith. Thank you!"

"I came up during a time of much legalism; when the push seemed to be on the call to preach - so I sort of volunteered myself. I worked in the bus ministry, children's church, youth ministry and even interim pastored for one year (miserably). And I served as a deacon as well. Now at 65 years old I am not sure what the will of God is for the rest of my life. I know it's serving and I now realize that all church ministries are equally important whether it's greeting or anything else. I am so proud to be now serving at A Church Called Home."

"We enjoyed our visit to your church this past Sunday while visiting from Florida. I know our son and his family were strongly attracted to your church and have thoroughly enjoyed attending. As a parent of a young man who has settled far from home, I am extremely appreciative of the help and guidance A Church Called Home and Pastor Jason has offered my son and his budding young family. The church has been a prayer answered! Words cannot express how grateful I am to God and your ministry for being there for my son and his family..."

"Since I have been coming to A Church Called Home, I have had a whole new outlook on life with The Lord.  Before I started coming to this church, my heart and mind was all over the place with God. I never really knew that much about God, and I never really understood how great it is to have Him in your life.   This past year, my mother and I, experienced a great deal of pain, and it’s been hard to see the light.  But God has used this church to change all of that.

God has given me strength to move on, and forgive others who hurt me and helped me forgive myself. I have been going to churches ever since I was a little girl, but I never really understood the bible.  Since I've been coming to A Church Called Home my understanding of The Bible and God has increased greatly. The wonderful, powerful music this church has is so lifting and so touching, I don't think I have ever left without tears in my eyes! I LOVE the way Jason preaches, it is so easy to understand, and I like how he breaks it all down. The church all around is what I have always been looking for; so welcoming, and not judge mental.  Everybody there is always so sweet, and just seem like they each have a very good heart.  Thank you so much again, and I cannot wait to start this new chapter in my life!"

"I have visited the last couple of weeks and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the warm welcome.  The music is wonderful and I love how they just get in there and worship our Lord - allowing His Spirit to come in through song and praise.  The messages are awesome.  I love how you share The Word in ways so simple that a child could understand it. This is truly a blessing and thanks to everyone for sharing the Love that God shares with us."

"When I was asked to serve at A Church Called Home, I was at my lowest.  I had been through so much and my family was very worried about my well being.  But then came the opportunity to serve here.  This church has given me a purpose.  God has truly used A Church Called Home to save my life!"

"I smothered my tears back during the whole service yesterday.  I've missed the presence of God so much and I felt it AS SOON as I walked into that cinema."

"I am thankful for A Church Called Home. I love this church!"

"The other day I told my friend, 'If you come to my church, the greeters are so good, the second time you visit they'll be calling you by name.'"

"What an awesome service!!! God is great with everything he is doing through the church and all that come.  I love being involved and I feel that I can be myself with everyone on the team. Thank God for blessing all of us!!"

"What a powerful service again today! I am very grateful for A Church Called Home and all those who contribute its success. Thank you all."





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