A Church Called Home

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How does the church budget its income?
We have a launch budget and a first year of operation budget as well.  However, after our first year we will operate based off 90% of the previous year’s income.  We don’t do projected budget numbers.  We break that 90% down into four main categories:

                  35-40% salaries
                  40-45% operations
                  10% missions
                  10% savings

If there's any area in which we will overspend, it will be in missions. We believe that a thriving church is a giving church. It is our passion to impact our community, plant new churches and touch the world.

Who oversees the finances?
The finances of the church are cared for by an outside accounting firm - Pillion Accounting. At the close of each year, the senior pastor along with the department heads, propose a budget for the upcoming year. That budget is approved of by the board of overseers and then administered by the financial care team. Our board of overseers is made up of pastors from around the country, while our financial care team is a group of individuals selected from within the congregation who serve for a period of time. The financial care team relieves the pastor from having to keep up with every department’s needs.

Why does the church put such a strong emphasis on giving to the community?
Our God is a radical giver; therefore, it should go without saying that we should be radical givers as well. If Christ is the head of the church, should the church not display His generosity? Of course it should. We believe the church should be the hope of the world. With that in mind we look for creative ways in which we can impact the lives of people in tangible and practical ways. So when the offering plate goes by, just throw in your car payment book and we’ll take care of it. Sorry, just kidding.


When the dream to plant A Church Called Home entered my heart, the first thought to race through my mind was, "How on earth will we financially pull that off?" Years ago I heard a great Christian leader ask, "If you knew you would not fail, what would you attempt to do today?" Someone once said, "Wherever there's fear, there's opportunity." As you consider the opportunity to give let me remind you that as a 501 nonprofit organization, your contributions are tax deductible and a giving statement will be sent to you at the start of each new year. If you would like information about other ways you can contribute to the ministry of CCH please contact us at 865.643.8900. Thanks for helping us make a difference!

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